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Special Education - Child FInd

Administration Building
25 Valley Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4200

Child Find

"Child find" refers to the process of locating, identifying, and evaluating children with disabilities to ensure that they receive services to which they are entitled. Children and youth, 3 to 21, living within boundaries of Princeton, who are suspected of having a disability may be referred for a possible evaluation to determine if they are eligible for special education services.

Whom to Contact

Preschool children: If you are aware of a preschooler, from birth through 5 years old, who has or may have a developmental disability, please call LaVerna Albury at 609-806-4250, ext. 6586.

School age children and youth: If you have a child already in a Princeton Public School who may be in need of special education services, please discuss your concern with your childís teacher, school counselor and building principal. Members of the Child Study Team are available in each building to assist with questions or to guide you through the process. Information about the referral process is available at the left side of this webpage by clicking on “Special Education Process.”  

Transfer students: If your student is transferring into Princeton Public School and has received special education from another district, please report this information to the the Child Study Team at the building your child will attend. If you child is transferring to Princeton Public Schools from outside of New Jersey, please be aware that your child will go through an evaluation upon transfer into the new school. This process will not delay services.

Students in private schools: If a student attends a private school and resides in the Princeton Public Schoolís boundaries, he or she may be referred for a possible evaluation and, if eligible, receive special education services at a public school site. If you suspect a private school student is in need of special education services, please contact your schoolís principal who will assist you through this process. call (609) 584 -1114.

As a parent of a child who is being considered for or receiving special education benefits, you have certain rights, which are protected by state and federal law. You can learn about these rights by reading the New Jersey Department of Education's Parent's Rights in Special Education booklet. ~This booklet is given to parents at the time of permission for initial Child Study Team evaluation and if the student is eligible for special education, once each year. ~~If you would like to know more about any of the information in this booklet, you may contact your child's case manager or the Director of Student Services. ~This booklet can also be found on the New Jersey Department of Education's website at

For more information about NJ Child Find and Early Intervention Services for Special Children read the attached documents and visit the following website:

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