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Special Education PTO

Administration Building
25 Valley Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4200

The Special Education PTO/SEPAG (Special Education Parent Advisory Group) provides opportunities for parents and community members to offer input to the district on critical issues relating to students with disabilities.
  • The Special Education PTO is a district-wide dues-free organization serving all classified students, from preschool through high school.  All families of students receiving special education are automatically members of the Special Education PTO, as well as the General Education PTO of their student’s school.
  • The Special Education PTO is not a disability-specific organization.  We provide informational programs throughout the school year covering broad topics of general interest to our members.
  • The Special Education PTO serves as an informal and discreet network for parents seeking information, recognizing and respecting privacy and individual needs.
Parents are reminded that Special Education is an integral part of the budget cycle, and budget cuts have affected and continue to affect all areas of education.  Compliance with your student’s IEP should be checked early and regularly to avoid any problems.
If you would like more information please contact parents who are active in the Special Ed PTO. You may also contact Margaret Crisafulli, Director of Student Services in the Office of Student Services (609)-806-4206.

Any questions or comments? Please email us at to let us know how we may better help you. You can also browse our Princeton Special Education Quick Reference 2016.pdf .


Princeton Special Education Newsletter - September 2016.pdf
Princeton Special Education Newsletter - October 2016.pdf
Princeton Special Education Newsletter - November 2016.pdf

To sign up for the Special Education PTO newsletter, email


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