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PCS Proposed Expansion
Response to Princeton Charter School's Proposed Expansion
On December 1, 2016, the Princeton Charter School filed a petition with the New Jersey Department of Education seeking to expand its enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year by 76 students. The proposed expansion would cost Princeton Public Schools $1.16 million annually. Princeton Public Schools Superintendent Steve Cochrane and the Board of Education have responded to the petition with concern that the cost to the district could have a devastating impact and would undermine the quality of education the district is able to provide for students.

Official Opposition Response Filed With the New Jersey Commissioner of Education

District Opposition to PCS Expansion (with Exhibits).pdf

Executive Summary in Response to PCS Expansion Application.pdf

Letter to Commissioner Harrington 2.17.17.pdf

Additional Information
Below are a variety of documents detailing the district's stance on the proposed charter school expansion, along with resources and articles to help inform the Princeton community about the proposed expansion and its potential effects. We will continue to add additional information and resources to this page.

Princeton Charter Expansion Statement 12.1.16.pdf
Statement for PPS Board Meeting 12.13.16.pdf
State Board of Ed Address 1.4.17.pdf
Superintendent's Forum on PCS - 1.12.17.pdf

Watch Superintendent Steve Cochrane and Board President Andrea Spalla address the proposed expansion at the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education meeting on December 13, 2016: Board of Education live stream video. (Scroll to 26:25 for Ms. Spalla's remarks, and to 1:00:45 for Superintendent Cochrane's remarks.)

FAQ on the Proposed PCS Expansion.pdf

Historical Comparison: Special Education  and another Historical Comparison: LEP

Next Steps

Write the New Jersey Commissioner of Education and the Director of Charter and Renaissance Schools

Hon. Kimberley Harrington
Acting Commissioner of Education

Katherine Czehut
Director, Office of Charter and Renaissance Schools
Mailing Address for both:
New Jersey Dept. of Education
100 River View Plaza
P.O. Box 500
Trenton, NJ 08625

Write or call your legislators:

Senator Christopher Bateman: (908) 526-3600
Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli: (908) 450-7064
Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker: (609) 454-3147

Sign the petition asking the NJDOE Commissioner of Education to reject the PCS proposed expansion.

PPS and PCS Comparisons

At the December 13, 2016, Princeton Public Schools Board of Education meeting, Dr. Julia Sass Rubin, an Associate Professor at Rutger's Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, gave a presentation comparing data on student demographics, finances, and performance for Princeton Public Schools and Princeton Charter School. To watch Dr. Sass Rubin's presentation, please view the live stream video from the Board meeting and scroll to 36:17.

Princeton Public vs Charter PP 1-12-17 - Revised.pdf
Historical Comparison - LEP.pdf
Historical Comparison - Special Education.pdf

PPS Board Resolution Opposing the PCS Proposed Expansion
At the PPS Board of Education Meeting on December 13, 2016, the Board approved a resolution opposing the proposed expansion of the Princeton Charter School and directing the administration and its general counsel to prepare and file a response with the Commissioner of Education in opposition to the PCS proposed expansion.
Resolution Opposing PCS Proposed Expansion - 12.13.16.pdf

Newspaper Articles

Testimonies to State Board of Education