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Superintendent's Message
I loved watching the Olympic Games this summer!
From Simone Biles to Michael Phelps, from badminton to beach volleyball, the Olympics brought together people of different shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, interests and abilities. All had their own stories and pathways to success.

For me, the Olympic Games are an inspiration for all of us involved in education.  Much like the work we do in schools, they are a celebration of diversity, teamwork, coaching, and accomplishment.

As we start a new school year, we welcome a diversity of students into our classrooms. Like the athletes from the Olympic Games, they come with their own interests, abilities, backgrounds and stories. They come with their own hopes and dreams. In the days and months ahead, we will strive to get to know each one. We will strive to engage them as learners. And we will work together with families to coach them to increasingly higher levels of accomplishment.
With that work in mind, this school year will be one in which we focus on the broad themes of Differentiation and Diversity. Our goal with differentiation will be to share, explore, and implement best practices in student-centered learning – ones that ensure students are learning similar concepts but doing so in ways that acknowledge their differing interests, learning styles and readiness levels.

Our goal with diversity will be threefold: 1) to celebrate the cultural richness of our community, 2) to expand our outreach to ensure all families feel comfortable accessing the resources of our school system, and 3) to build our institutional and individual responsiveness to students and families from a variety of racial, religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

We live in a time when empathy towards others and an understanding of different perspectives has never been more important. I am excited for the Princeton Public Schools to be leaders in this effort. And I am excited for all we will accomplish together in the year ahead!

Steve Cochrane