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Department Directory

PHS Teachers  
Timothy Anderson
AP Environmental Science, Accelerated Oceanography/Astronomy, and Physics I
Joy Barnes-Johnson, Ph.D. (LOA 2014-15)
Chemistry I and Science and Technology (STEM)
Evren Cakir
Physics I and AP Physics I
Linda Cody (LOA, Semester I  2014-15)
Chemistry I and Chemistry in Context
Robert Corell, Ph.D.
AP Chemistry
Alexis Custer
Biology I and Forensics
Pawan Dhondi
Chemistry in Context and Chemistry I
Angel Fuentes-Pesquera
Biology I and Biology I Resource
Janine Giammanco
Organic Chemistry and Accelerated Chemistry I
Mark Higgins
AP Physics I, and AP Physics C
Paula Jakowlew
Biology I
Jacqueline Katz
Accelerated Biology I and Anatomy & Physiology
Jaime Lynch
Accelerated Biology I and Bioethics
Peter Martens
Physics I and AP Physics I
Ruchi Mital
Chemistry I and Accelerated Chemistry I
Rebecca Orndorff, Ph.D.
Chemistry I and Science & Technology(STEM)
Andrea Panagakis (LOA 2013-2015)
Accelerated Biology I and Bioethics
Jayne Ricciardi
Biology I and Genetics
Steffanie Shoop
Accelerated Biology I  and AP Biology
James Smirk
Biology I and Physical Anthropology
JWMS Teachers and Elementary Science Teachers
Grade Level
Allison Ramus and Jacques Bazile
6- Life Science
Marian Melzer and Steven Carson
7- Earth and Space Science
Janet Gaudino and William Merritt
8- Physical Science ( Chemistry and Physics)
Randolph Casey
STEM/Robotics (6,7,8)
John Emmons
Community Park School
Amy Ralis
Johnson Park School
Martha Friend
Littlebrook School
Mark Eastburn
Riverside School