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ESL-Bilingual Program
Priscilla Russel

English as a Second Language at Princeton Public Schools

Princeton Public Schools (PPS) provides the educational opportunities for English language Learners (ELLs) to develop their social and academic skills in order to be successful. Learning language through the content areas enables ELLs to acquire age/grade appropriate content standards while developing English language proficiency. Using a variety of program delivery models (see FAQs) and a continuum of support services, all teachers have a shared responsibility in creating a language-rich environment that promotes high academic achievement. PPS strives to create a learning environment that values bilingualism and respects the cultural and linguistic heritages represented in the community.

Our ESL/Bilingual program provides opportunities to reach high expectations through access to WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment) English Language Development standards. In collaboration with the general education program, our ESL/Bilingual program delivers comprehensive instruction so that ELLs have the opportunity to attain the district goals and outcomes set for all learners.

These WIDA standards are aligned to:

*CCSS standards (Common Core State Standards) in Language Arts and Mathematics
* NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards in Science, Social Studies, Performing and Practical Arts, Health and Physical Education

Our core beliefs and teaching and learning for ELLs:

* Twenty-first century skills require global awareness. PPS strives to create an environment that encourages integration into the English language and culture while maintaining respect for and pride in their cultural and linguistic heritage. Fluency in two languages is an asset that is valued by the Princeton community.

* Academic English proficiency is a critical component for success. ELLS must not only be able to converse with classmates and teachers, but also be able to complete high level academic assignments in English. The needs of the whole child are critical.