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World Languages Department
Priscilla Russel
Supervisor of World Languages
609 806 4280 x 3252

Registration is open for 7th grade Mandarin. Please read carefully the letter below before seeking to register your child for the course.
Mandarin at John Witherspoon!

This fall we are excited to again offer Mandarin at JW. Please read carefully the following description and parameters for this course. The class offers students an opportunity to enhance their school experience by taking a second world language during middle school.

ï This is a class for 7th graders and is the first year in a two - year sequence. Students and parents make a two-year commitment.
ï It will meet five days per week during the “0” period at JW ñ 7:45am ñ 8:30am.
ï The course begins on Monday, September 30.
ï By taking this class in 7th grade and in 8th grade students will be eligible to enter Mandarin II at Princeton High School in the fall of their 9th grade year.
ï This class is IN ADDITION TO the French or Spanish class that students study during periods 1 ñ 8. Every student must continue with French or Spanish studies.
ï This class is for true beginners in Mandarin. It is for students with no background in Mandarin either in their family or from outside coursework. If your child has studied Mandarin then this class is not for him/her. The course title is Mandarin 1.
ï A NJ certified instructor, Weefen Tsui, will teach the course and will conduct the classes in Mandarin. There will be no English in the classroom.
ï There will be homework each night during the school week and assessments during class. Many assignments will require either home access to a computer and the internet or the need to use a computer at school or at the library.
ï Students will earn course grades that will become part of the studentís transcript.
ï Families need to provide their own transportation to school.
ï There is no cost for the class. Support for this class comes from the Princeton Public Schools and the Confucius Classroom Program sponsored by Asia Society and Hanban, the educational outreach program of the Chinese government.
ï This year there will be one class of 7th graders and one continuing class of 8th graders. Our first cohort of Mandarin students is now entering Mandarin II at the high school.
ï Each student will receive a soft-covered textbook on loan from JW and a workbook that is theirs to keep and in which they will write.
ï We expect that students who enroll in this course will remain in it for the duration of 7th and 8th grades, will arrive on time every day, will come to class every day and will complete all in - class and out ñ of - class work.

We ask that all parents discuss the details and requirements of this exciting program with their child prior to seeking entry into the course. We expect that demand for the class will exceed space so, please, be certain that both parents and child are prepared to make the considerable commitment to the Mandarin class.  This letter is being sent to each 7th grade family in the packet of school information mailed home prior to the start of school. It will also be posted on the world languages and JW websites.

Please send an email to Priscilla Russel to enroll your student in the class or to ask any questions about the program.

Jason Burr, Principal of JW and Priscilla Russel, Supervisor of World Languages

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