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Leading and Learning with Judy Wilson
Welcome to the 2013-14 School Year!

This week we are welcoming kindergartners who will be in the graduation class of 2026! Can you believe it?

As adults we often lament that these childhood years of wonder, choice, exploration and joy whisk by too quickly...and indeed they do.  As parents and educators close to our children, it is naturally our first priority to focus on how much changes personally for our students over the years: interests, abilities, appearances, personalities, potential.  We strive to pay close attention to their thinking, their character development, their needs and their dreams. We try not to dictate or micro-manage but rather to guide, plant good seeds and set smart boundaries at every stage or phase. So much to stay attuned to and such precious opportunities to capture! Yet it is what does not and should not change that matters greatly: clear messages of love and support; expectations for success, no matter how small the steps; the affirmation that no matter what unravels or how often they stumble the adults who care about them will help them through.

As you send your child(ren) off to school every morning this year, even on your most harried day, please consider how fast these years will pass and how much of a positive difference your morning message, one daily conversation or one half hour at a school event can make. Our young people are in a fast-paced, too-wired (wireless!) world that adds pressures to grow up quickly and to accelerate everything. Parents and educators together can provide the balance to those pressures and children can reap the benefits of laughter, quiet moments and true personal connections. As the year begins, I ask you to consider your beliefs about the power of education, the importance of healthy balance, and the real definition of success. Then consider what your morning messages will be for your child(ren). At school every morning, we will be eagerly waiting with talent, support, care and dedication for your children to arrive and to thrive with us! It is truly a powerful partnership.

I wish you and your children joy in their learning experiences, pride in our school communities and success that is defined not by grades and scores alone, but also by character, kindness and service.

With the best of wishes,

Judith A. Wilson

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