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Sustainability Initiatives

Administration Building
25 Valley Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4200

Our district is actively building a culture of sustainability through education based on "Principles of Sustainability" a resolution passed by the Board in April 2013 as an integral part of the district's health and wellness policy.
A wide variety of sustainability-related learning experiences are woven into the everyday culture and the curriculum throughout the district. Princeton Public Schools is a member of OASIS, a consortium of local independent and public schools, in collaborating on sustainable building and curriculum initiatives in our schools. Our science curriculum from grades K through 12 addresses sustainability topics, including through assemblies and field trips for hands-on learning about such issues as local food and farming, conservation and energy.
The school gardens in each and every school are hubs of learning and activity, and have been consistently supported by parents, teachers, Princeton School Gardens Cooperative (PGSC), a 501(c)3, and the school district.
Below is a more detailed list of sustainability initiatives currently underway throughout the district:

PPS Sustainability Initiatives  

District-wide Programs & School Board Policies

  • School Board passed a resolution called “Principles of Sustainability” in 2013 in support of sustainable initiatives throughout the district.
  • School Board Facilities Subcommittee addressing Sustainability topics on ongoing basis

  • PHS to host the 2014 OASIS Solar Jam - a display of solar-powered creations from students in grades three through 12 from area schools
  • Participation in OASIS (Organizing Action on Sustainability in Schools), an association of local independent and public schools collaborating on sustainable actions and curriculum in schools.
  • Science curriculum addressing Sustainable topics K12 (alternative energy/recycling, etc)
  • Field trips supporting sustainable topics around energy, local food and farming, conservation
  • School gardens in place in all schools supported by parents, teachers, Princeton School Gardens Cooperative (PGSC) , a 501(c)3, and the school district.  
Facilities and Grounds

  • Recycling of paper, bottles, and cans at all schools and buildings
  • Food composting programs in every school cafeteria as a separate waste contract
  • Purchasing green cleaning solutions where possible
  • Recycle furniture throughout buildings in district over buying new when possible
  • Selling and/or recycling of items in storage/surplus items
  • Participated in study to evaluate solar power to buildings
  • Facility energy conservation upgrades in 2013 through referendum including efficient HVAC units and new windows and lighting
  • Focus on turning off lights in empty classrooms and spaces
  • Moving towards paperless communication between schools, PTOs , and parents
  • Weekly school newsletter and PTO communications by email
Health & Wellness

  • Evaluation of sustainable and healthy practices for the school cafeterias
  • Wellness Committee to address overall health and wellness in district and at schools.

School-specific Programs


  • Green Challenge by Environmental Club for 3 years
  • Waste management audit done
  • Raised beds built for school garden ñ uses have included gardening during PE, and is currently a work in progress

  • Environmental Club: help with school garden, recycling of cell phones, Green Challenge participant
  • Food and Nutrition/Cooking After school Club (Iron Chef)  
  • School Garden in place growing fruits and vegetables

Elementary Schools

  • Active school gardens in all 4 elementary schools producing a wide variety of  fruits and vegetables
  • Composting in gardens
  • Garden educators in each school currently paid for by PTOs and outside grants through PSGC
  • PTO Green Teams
  • Food and Nutrition Residencies/Clubs funded by the PTOs and outside grants
  • Earth Day and Food Day celebrations at schools
  • PTO/school Terracycle collections
  • Sustainability strand in lab science program
  • Participated in a Princeton School Gardens Cooperative program “Garden State on your Plate” which   introduced students to local organic foods through local chefs and farmers during lunch
  • PTOs encouraging use of reusable tableware for classroom parties by providing baskets in classrooms and encouraging reusable containers from parents for snack and lunches
  • School-wide assemblies on recycling and environmental issues
  • Student litter brigades
  • Recycling various products including bottle caps, tile, cards to be used in art projects and as curricular tools

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